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A manometer is a measuring instrument used to measure liquid pressure in a closed system. In order to perform precise measurements, a very high-quality workmanship is required, and one of the best workman-ship is the manometer of the company دقیق صنعت اوپاتان .

The operation of the manometer is very simple. This is a device that consists of a closed tube that is connected to a closed system in which the pressure needs to be measured. There is a graduated scale and a moving indicator on the barrel. This indicator moves along the scale and shows how much pressure there is in a closed system.

دقیق صنعت اوپاتان

There are several types of pressure gauges and they can be used for different purposes. The U-shaped manometer is mostly used for various pressure measurements. Pressure gauges can be used in meteorology to measure air pressure, in the automotive industry to measure tire pressure, and can be used for brake systems as well as air conditioning systems. In construction, they are used to measure pressure in water supply systems and in heating systems, which enables the normal operation of these systems. In the aviation industry, they are used to measure pressure in the hydraulic and pneumatic systems of aircraft. This is very important in order for the plane to be in a stable state during flight. And finally, manometers are indispensable in medicine. These manometers can measure a person’s blood pressure very precisely.

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